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Best Cellular Security Camera 2022: Top 5 Reviewed with Buying Guide!

Best Cellular Security Camera

A best cellular security camera is essential to ensure security in your car, outdoor cabin, or home. Cellular security camera makes our life easier. Without a direct internet connection, you can access the outdoor cameras from anywhere through your smartphone.

If you want to ensure your security purpose and control it remotely and easily, there are no better ways than a cellular security camera. Besides, most cellular security cameras can tolerate rain, extreme temperature, snow, and winds.

However, I have done some research and brought some best outdoor security cameras that are cellular type. Besides, our buying guide will help you choose the best option according to your need.

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What Are Cellular Security Cameras?

Nowadays, most homeowners are familiar with security cameras. To secure your smart home, it is the best technique. A cellular camera allows us to ensure peace of mind and keep secure eyes on our family or favorite things.

However, Cellular security cameras are the kind of security cameras that need no internet. Besides, they do not need any wire. Instead, a cellular network is added to connect them to other devices. You can use android devices to connect the CC camera to see what is happening. So, we see that cellular security cameras are versatile and easily accessible.

You can see the activities of your home or other places where you keep the cellular camera easily on your smartphone.

The Difference Between Cellular Cameras and WiFi-Enabled Cameras

Cellular cameras and Wifi-enabled cameras are near similar. But they are not the same for different reasons. Wireless is the similarity of the two types. If you compare their function of them, you will see the differences.

Cellular cameras work like a cell phone that contains a cellular network like 3/4/5G at the place of an internet connection. So, like the cell phone, you need a data plan to connect the camera with other devices for Cellular cameras. Thus you will get notifications security alerts,s and monitor the stations on your smartphone.

Besides, a cellular camera uses solar power instead of batteries. As it is not using a WiFi network, you can see the stations from any place.

On the other hand, WiFi security cameras use a WiFi network. So, you cannot see its activity from anywhere. Besides, the placement options are also limited.

How an Off-grid Cellular Security Camera Works

With an off-grid cellular security camera, you can watch your cabin, room, or yacht anywhere. Off-grid cameras are one kind of standalone device that can work with solar energy or any independent power source such as batteries.

As they are not wired, thieves cannot cut the power off quickly. These security cameras are safer. You can observe your cabin or other places without WiFi. The cellular network is used to connect the camera to your device to send cellular signals.

Solar-powered cameras get power from a solar panel and work through cellular data.

Cellular Security Camera no WiFi

Though you may find WiFi on most security cameras, cellular cameras do not need WiFi. Instead, a cellular trail camera uses SIM cards or Cellular connections to transfer data.

You can use an LTE plan or cellular data plan to use cellular cameras. The camera footage mainly stores micro SD cards or cloud storage. Apps are available to control these cameras on mobile phones.

Where Can You Install Cellular Security Camera

You can place or install a cellular security camera anywhere you want. Just see that the place gets cellular service. We know that 3G/4G security cameras do not need internet. So, they are suitable for areas with no WiFi or Ethernet connection or an excellent electric power source.

Cellular cameras are the best option for remote security. A wider angle lens is better to get clean and quality footage. The trail camera is the best option to use as a cellular security camera. If you are a photographer or hunter, you can use this type of camera.

You can use cellular cameras at your construction sites or farms and ranches or ensure the security of your boats. If you love to go to advancers, you can use it to secure your cabins, tens, or vacation home. Warehouses, hotels, and Airbnb rooms are also the best places to use cellular cameras.

Is It Worthwhile to Buy Cellular Cameras?

Before investing money in any product, we consider the cost. In the case of a cellular camera, it is worth buying. But it depends on your using purpose.

Cellular cameras are the best choice if you want regular relies on wildlife photography or hunting, or home security.

When a Cellular Camera May Not be Your Best Bet

Cellular cameras come with some best features when you use the trail camera, wildlife photography, and surveillance. Besides, it is a good option for home security. But of course, for some purposes, cellular cameras are not a good solution.

  •  If you want to use it for professional monitoring, a cellular camera is unsuitable because you have to monitor it via smartphone.
  • Cellular cameras are more expensive than other wireless cameras. The reasons are its technology and cellular data pack.
  • As a cellular camera provides live footage through the cellular network, its battery life is short.
  • If you compare the video quality of cellular cameras to others, you may find poor quality footage.

What is a Cellular Security System?

The cellular security system is a system that depends on a cellular connection instead of a WiFi connection. Therefore, cellular home security is better than a wire-based security system. If anything emergency, you will get a notification on your smartphone if you use a cellular security system. However, let’s know more about this matter.

How to Install a Wireless Security Camera System with Remote Viewing?

Wireless security cameras are easy to install than wired cameras. Most of cases, you can simply install them by mounting them to a wall without extra tools. Let’s see the necessary steps to install a wireless camera to ensure security.

  • First, find out where you want to install the camera. Then select which angle will be better.
  • To keep your camera safe, installing it at a height is better. A higher angle is better for surveillance cameras. Place the camera that can cover enough space.
  • Now install the mounting bracket. And mark the place to make holes to install it. Then make holes where you should use screws to install the frame.
  • Now, keep the camera in the bracket. It is ready to use
  • To view the shooting remotely, you can use the provided app of the manufacturer. Manufacturers develop the app for wireless security cameras.
  • To connect the camera to your computer, download the app. Then use an ID number to add the camera.
  • Now click on the app and view the camera covering the wireless internet area.

How do I Set up My 4G Security Camera?

A 4G camera means the camera that supports a 4G network. This type of camera has two antennas. One is for WiFi connection, and one is for 4G sim.

To use the best 4G security camera, correctly insert a 4G sim card into the right sim slot. Now open the camera and check that the antennas get the connection. After opening the camera, you will see the light sign on the 4G module if it connects to the camera properly.

Now go to the mobile app to access your security camera. You can see the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Suppose the camera cannot be accessed, in addition to the usual troubleshooting method. In that case, we can log in to the management interface of the 4G module to confirm the 4G function of the camera and whether the 4G network is operating normally.

When the camera starts with 4G, it generates a WiFi hotspot. Then connect the WiFi to the phone or computer.

How much Data does a SIM Card Security Camera Use?

It is not possible to say how much dada a SIM Card security camera uses. So, it will be better to know when cellular data is used by the camera. The outdoor security cameras alert you when they find any motion. At that time, the camera uploads the video to the cloud. 

When you see the live view remotely, it consumes data. But it is true that SIM card security cameras use little data. Besides, you need to purchase a data plan to run your cellular security camera. 

Top 5 Best Cellular Security Cameras in Details

Let’s see the top 5 cellular security cameras. We have researched and compared some models to find out these options. So, if you purchase a cellular security camera, then this best cellular security camera review will help you a lot.

1. Arlo Go – Mobile HD Security Camera with Data Plan

Arlo Go - Mobile HD Security Camera with Data Plan: Best Cellular Security Camera

If you have a budget and want an intelligent cellular security camera, you can try this one of Arlo Go. This camera runs on 3G/4G LTE network systems. To run this camera, you should buy a data plan because it does not work on all types of networks.

But the fantastic thing is that this camera supports Alexa. So, you access voice control. Furthermore, as there is no wire, you can easily install and place the camera where you want for both indoor and outdoor use.

The night vision feature is available that allows you to see night views clearly in the dark. As it is for outdoor use, it has weather-resistant features. However, the night vision is 850 nm LEDs. You can insert an SD card in the SD card slot to increase storage space to keep the backup for audio and video.

2-way audio allows you to listen first and talk back. 3660 mAh rechargeable long-lasting battery is available as the pAs a result, your source. You will see better quality videos and audio live on your smartphone from any place.

So, you can try this Arlo cellular security camera as the best cellular surveillance camera to ensure the best security.


  • Night vision mode available
  • Motion detection feature
  • For long time power supply, 3660 mAh rechargeable battery


  • Expensive
  • Streaming service is not available

2. Reolink 360° View PTZ Solar Security Camera System

Reolink 360° View PTZ Solar Security Camera System: Best Cellular Security Camera

This solar CCTV system is another better option among security camera brands. It comes with a rechargeable battery, solar panel, and WiFi camera for outdoor use. As it has a solar panel, the camera gets a non-stop power supply. The camera is waterproof. So, it is best for outdoor use.

You can view every corner easily because the camera can rotate 355 degrees horizontally and 140 degrees vertically. For a clear view at night, 6X zoom and CMOS sensor is available. You can see up to 33 fit at night.

If you install it in your home, you can talk to the family when off-side because of its 2-way audio and live feature. Moreover, the PIR sensor reduces false alarms that can cause by nature. Besides, it is possible to adjust the sensitivity and set a schedule.

You can control the camera from anywhere and anytime via your smartphone. In addition, you can insert an SD card of up to 126 GB for local video backup.


  • Comes with most of the innovative features
  • Easy to install
  •  Reliable CCTV
  • Best quality camera


  • Poor night vision at darker night

3. Voila Reve 4G LTE Mobile Security Camera

If you want a better quality full HD cellular security camera, this model of Boila Reve is a good option. This camera supports 4G and 3G networks. However, it is not a WiFi security camera. This cellular camera needs a data plan and a SIM card to use.

Like other better options, it also runs on a 4G or 3G network with a Cellular data plan. For this reason, it has a slot for a SIM card. You can use this camera in any place, both indoor and outdoor. There is no need for a WiFi connection.

The full HD camera provides a 90-degree wide lens to capture high-quality images. For the waterproof feature, it can tolerate any weather conditions. In addition, a sensitive motion detector keeps all under control with necessary alerts.

But this camera does not come with a rechargeable battery or solar panel. So, it needs a power cable to keep it all-time active.


  • A better one at a reasonable price
  • Good for outdoor use


  • Does not have a rechargeable battery

4. Vosker v200 Security Camera

Vosker v200: Best Cellular Security Camera

If you want a heavy-duty cellular security camera, the Vosker v200 is for you. But, for outdoor use and to tolerate rugged climates, you need a quality camera. Moreover, there run with an LTE connection. So, it does not require a WiFi connection.

SD card is available to keep videography records. A solar panel is available to provide a continuous power supply. It saves your money. To save energy, it needs A4 batteries. Use the camera in any remote area because it does not require much maintenance.

Like a complete camera, it takes photos with details and has a time-lapse feature. Easily install it within a few minutes.


  • Supports Alexa
  • Provides high-quality video
  • Heavy-duty security camera


  • Expensive
  • Too sensitive motion sensor

5. 4G LTE Wireless Cellular Camera

If you love a user-friendly, small wireless cellular camera for home or outdoor security, this one is better for you. The camera features a sensor to detect motion and can trigger a photo 0.4 seconds later.

Then it sends the picture to your device within a minute. But, first, get the image on your smart device or computer with an internet connection.

The device allows to customize the settings, see the camera health, and set data plans, email, alerts, etc., using an application. Purchase a monthly data plan. 57-piece 940nm no-glow night vision, 12MP photo, 1080p video, GPS, etc., features are also impressive.


  • Can take multi-shot of 5 photos
  • Invisible night vision
  • HD video


  • Does not come with an SD card

Best Cellular Security Camera 2022: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

If you do not want to use any Wi-Fi-connected security camera, cellular security cameras are the best option. You can put them outdoors or indoors without any electric source and WiFi connection to ensure proper security.

But choosing the best one is not so easy. So, to give you proper sense, I have made a list of several features that will help you consider the best one for you.

Think about the using place or purpose

First, before going to or making a decision to buy a cellular camera, think about your use purpose or the place where you need a security camera. The main advantage of a cellular security camera is that it requires no WiFi connection.

Besides, it is wireless, and no need for an electric connection. So, if you are going to keep your eye on a small but far away from you, a cellular camera is the best option. You can see what is happening from anywhere on your mobile screen.

Fast Motion

A security camera needs to have enough speed to take motion photos to alert you. See the reviews of fast motion features of some best cellular cameras on your list. Compare the reviews and then make your decision.

Night Vision

Night vision mode is very much essential for a security camera. It allows you to see a specific distance vision at night. So choose the camera that comes with the best night vision feature. But for a better night view, you have to spend more.

Wide-Angle Lenses

The viewing angle depends on the lens’s width. A wider lens covers more area. See the angle that can cover enough space. You can adjust the viewing angle for your smartphone for some of the cellular security cameras.

Video Storage

You need sufficient storage when you take full HD and high-quality videos and photos on your cellular security camera. So, you should keep a budget for video storage.

FAQ About Cellular Security Camera

Do I need WiFi to run a cellular security camera?

Ans: No, you do not need a WiFi network to run this camera. Cellular SIM is used here to see the video and pictures on a Smartphone. Data Plan is available to connect the internet to the camera and mobile phone.

Does my cellular security camera work with WiFi?

Ans: Most cellular security cameras do not come with a WiFi connection because they are mainly for places out of a WiFi network. A cellular data plant is available to make the connection.

Can I use one SIM for two cellular security cameras?

Ans: No, you can use one SIM card for only one cellular security camera. If you want to share a 3G/4G connection for more than one camera, you can contact the service provider if there is any discount.


If you search for the best cellular security camera 2022 in the market, you will get a lot of options and many types. Among them, wireless security cameras are more popular. But wireless WiFi security cameras have some limitations. For example, you cannot control them out of the WiFi connection.

For this reason, nowadays, cellular security cameras are getting popular. The best cellular security camera system is durable, can tolerate extreme weather, and works without a WiFi connection. Purchase data plan and insert SIM card to control it remotely.

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