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Bnext VR Headset Review 2022: Get the Best Virtual Reality Headset at a Cost!

Bnext VR Headset Review

With the development of technology, we are now familiar with virtual reality. Do you love to enjoy movies, videos, or games on your Smartphone? How will it be if you can enjoy them with a VR headset?

To know more details, stick to us with our Bnext VR headset review. In recent days, VR headsets have made our entertainment more enjoyable. HUD-type VR headsets are cheaper and easy to use for any smartphone.

When you decide you enjoy virtual reality on your smartphone and search for mobile VR headsets in the market, you will find many options. Let’s see this Bnext VR headset offering us which features and benefits.

Bnext VR Headset Review [In-Depth Look]

If you are searching for a budget-friendly virtual reality headset, BNEXT headset is a good choice. It is more extensive but well-designed. The headset is comfortable to use for a long time. You will not feel annoyed and go back to the real world.

Though the price is not higher, this Bnext VR Pro headset has outstanding features. Large-sized lenses, right viewing angle, durability, and materials make it a good quality VR headset for smartphones.

 It can make your first VR headset Experience unique. However, the headset is compatible with both Apple iPhone and Android devices. You can easily adjust it with the straps. Both adults and kids can use this device.

Let’s see the essential features of the Bnext VR headset.

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Key Features of Bnext VR Headset

Advanced technology for enjoying VR gaming

Virtual reality headsets are great for enjoying games on android or Smartphones. This BNEXT headset uses advanced VR headset technology. You can align the screen properly with your eyes and adjust the viewing angle.

FD, OD adjustments are available for proper adjustment. You can quickly expand your viewing angle with a Wide FOV that reduces distortion.


Large Lenses

The lenses of this virtual reality headset are larger than most other same quality or price-range VR headsets. So, you will enjoy a brighter screen that covers much area with depth images.

Comfortable to wear

BNEXT VR headset comes with a nice VR interface and is also very comfortable to wear for a long time. Enjoy a great VR gaming experience on your VR device. Watching videos on a VR screen is an exceptional experience.

Eye light protection of the Bnext VR goggles is available. It makes it easier to enjoy videos on VR Screen for a long time. Moreover, adjustable head strap, soft inside, and soft nose-piece make the part comfortable to use without any pressure.

Compatibility with many Smartphone models

This standard VR headset goes with most smartphone models with a gyro sensor. Besides, the screen size must be 4-6.3 inches for the devices. The recent versions of well-known brands of Android phones such as the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy series, other Samsung gear, and many others are compatible with this VR headset.


You do not need the expertise to use this headset. So, you can call it a user-friendly one. Besides, people of any age can use this headset without hindrances. It is not a tethered VR headset. Adjustable knobs make the controlling process easier.

It brings an enjoyable VR environment to your smart device. Some simple issues, such as strapping off the headset after use, may sometimes bother you. But it is not a big issue. You should not force yourself to remove your smartphone from the headset.

Another important thing you should consider is that you have to insert your smartphone into a tray. But the tray is not bigger to take the device that comes with a screen above 6.5 inches.

You should practice several times to learn proper installation and adjustment settings to make it user-friendly.

Good Option!

Nice VR Contents

You will get some excellent VR content with your Bnext VR headset, such as VR games. Besides, the device supports some card apps and VR apps that you can use on your smartphone. The apps are available in the Play Store.


Now our Vnext headset review is going to tell you about the performance. Though the device is not for immersive video gaming, the quality is overall. It is like a 3D standalone headset converting your smartphone screen as VR content.

If you consider the comfortability, then this headphone is okay. But you may face some light leakage from the nose area because of the rigid shape.


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Video and VR gaming links included
  • Larger lenses
  • Budget-friendly 


  • Can show some leakage

Bnext VR headset alternatives

For virtual reality VR headsets for mobile devices, Bnext is not the only option. Some other brands and premium VR headsets offer you the same or better VR features. In addition, some are budget-friendly, and some are highly rated.

Destek VR headset, VR Shinecon are some better options.

How to use BNEXT VR headset?

From the previous discussion, you already know that the headset is user-friendly. You can easily set up the headset to enjoy VR videos and games. You do not need any wire to do the settings. Follow the steps to use the Bnext headset properly.

  • First, remove it if you use a cover for your mobile set. Then remove the cover of the Bnext VR headset.
  • Now, use the tray with your fingers to put your smart device on it. However, it is secured to the headset with a clip that you can hold horizontally.
  • Keep your mobile device in the headset and secure the tray properly. Now follow the centerline of the tray and align the phone with it. Again, it is essential to get the best VR experience.
  • Now wear the headset on your head. First, use the straps to fit it. Then use the adjustable knobs and adjust the lenses to enjoy the best vision.

Frequently Asked Questions on Bnext VR Headset

Do I charge My VR headset?

Ans: Bnext VR headset is a standalone device. It works with the application on a smart device. So, this device needs no charge. Use it anytime and anywhere you want.

Do I need batteries?

Ans: No, you do not need batteries to use this headset.

Does Bnext support Bluetooth?

Ans: No, any Bluetooth is not supported by this VR headset. You can make Bluetooth headphones and mobile phones paired if you need them. The headset is only for your eye area.


VR headsets are now famous because of the fantastic virtual reality in the video game and video watching. But buying the best VR headset is not an easy job. Mainly price is the main issue to buy a thing.

If you are going to give a VR headset to anybody, Bnext VR headset may be the better choice. You can give it to your kid or an adult person in your home. Besides, see the compatible chart, and I hope you may find your mobile device model on it.

If you are a new one who will experience a VR headset for the first time with a Smartphone, you can try this one. Hope you find this writing helpful, buddy. Adios!

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