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Can Google Home Hub Make Video Calls

Can Google Home Hub Make Video Calls

Google’s first initiative to login into the smart display marketplace is by producing Google Home Hub which is rebranded to Google Nest Hub later. This product is less costly than Amazon Echo Show but, maybe, it’s even better.

Google Home Hub is backuped and driven by Google Assistant, Google’s smart artificial intelligence which is run by virtual assistant. And Google Home Hub smart touch screen is very much flexible and responsive and combines well with Google assistant. You can ask anything you like (or even you don’t like!)

Premium smart home screen controls, integrated YouTube function, and an intelligent use of the display to make it accessible to several Google facilities, for instance Google Photos, Maps made this model enhanced compared with the Echo Show in certain areas. Limiting Google Account assistance and the incapability to stream Netflix reduce the attraction slightly.

Better Things in Small Bundles

Whether you need to know about a recipe or want to check out the calendar, just ask. It helps you to easily access your camera, lights, video doorbell or any kind of smart devices ranging in your house and you can do all these things with just your voice command. Beyond these features, as I already mentioned, it integrates with Google assistant so that it has the ability to converse with you to simplify the tasks. Moreover it has a smart screen control panel system so that you can easily and quickly maintain or organise your smart home devices.

From top to bottom, the Google Home Hub is a robust and active home assistant which will help you to organise your daily life, link with your smart devices and most importantly it will gather information from the internet instantly and all these features are available with just the command of your voice. 

How Does It Works 

Google Home Hub is capable of handling a great deal of everyday tasks of productivity and recreation functions. For instance it can make a shopping list, place different commands, making audio calls to your relatives, friends and businesses etc. It is the same as the other smart speakers which are integrated with Google assistant. If the device has multiple users then you do not need to worry about separating the tasks. It has an awesome voice matching system which can easily identify and separate users or their tasks according to it. Everyday things like commuting details, reminders, calendar markings etc will be reflected in different screens for individual users.

Even more important, Google Home Hub smoothly and without interruption will be integrated with Nest’s ecosystem of numerous products. Including,but not limited to, August smart locks, Philips Hue light bulbs etc. You will be amazed to know that Google Home Hub supports no less than 1000 popular brands which exceeds 10000 products. If you own a Nest Hello video doorbell then Google Home Hub will be able to answer the door.

How It Become an Entertainment Hub 

You can watch ordinary YouTube videos with Google Home Hub without any type of subscriptions. Easily you can search with your voice in YouTube and also with touch or audio voice you can scroll across different options. Here Google tweaks a little and gives superiority over the Amazon echo. In 2017 Google removed rights for Amazon to watch YouTube on the Echo show. However, The Echo Show has the ability to browse YouTube through a browser but it will not support voice commands.

On the Hub’s 7 inch screen the video looks surprisingly well. Moreover if you bought a YouTube TV subscription then you can also watch TV on your Hub as well. You will not fully feel like your main TV but as the picture quality is great, it can be handy sometimes like in the time of breakfast or busy time.

Besides, you can add your other subscriptions like HBO now or CBS All Access etc. However Netflix is not available on the hub on the Google Home Hub but certainly you can use your Hub to play streaming Netflix through your TV or any Chromecast supported device. Just issue a voice command to the hub to start streaming.

If you are a music lover then Google hub is a good option for you. You just need to sync your YouTube music, Google play music,Pandora, Deezer or Spotify account. Additionally, you can make one of the services as default so that the Google Assistant will find your favourite song from that provider. 

Use Google Home app to modify and personalize the speaker equaliser settings in case you want to get a bit more treble or bass. In addition to this, you can include the Google Home Hub to speaker groups with the help of other Google Assistant smart speakers and all of this needs to be connected to a chromecast audio streamer. Nevertheless, if the sound quality of Google Hub doesn’t satisfy you then you can set another speaker as a default audio player. Hence it will automatically start playing on the selected device instead of Hub’s own speaker. 

No Camera Function 

You heard the title right. The Google Home Hub does not contain a camera. Fortunately, the missing feature is one of the most fascinating features of the Google Home Hub. People nowadays are very much concerned about their privacy and so that Google officially stated that the absence of a camera is solely purposed for privacy reasons. People can feel comfortable and easy putting it into the bedroom or even in the bathroom. 

How to Make Calls on Google Home Hub 

As I already mentioned that Google Home Hub doesn’t have a camera, so it will not be possible for you to make a 2 way video  call but strangely one way video calling is certainly possible.There’s no video calling function, but still you are able to place audio calls.

Just make sure that you are using the latest version of the Google Home App. Below I am showing each and every step to make a call with the Google Home Hub. 

How to Set Up Calls Feature on Google Home Hub 

It is essential Tu to modify some changes in the settings for getting the best use of the feature and to call from your contact list. Follow these simple steps and within some minutes you will be ready to go.

To make outgoing calls available from your Google contacts, just follow these steps properly.

  • Locate and open the Google Home app and click the Settings option from the home screen.
  • Scroll down a bit and find More Settings
  • In the following menu press the Devices tab and then select the speaker you want to add at your contact list.
  • Be sure that the Personal Results option is turned on.

Syncing Your Device Contacts 

Android and IOS have a bit different process for syncing the device contacts. Here’s how to do it for Android:

  • Open Google Home App and on the top right side, press on the account
  • Click on Manage your Google Account.
  • Click on People and Sharing.
  • Next click on Save contacts from your signed-in devices.

Here’s how it works for iOS:

  • Open the Google Home App and press on Settings.
  • Hit More Settings.
  • Tap on the Services tab and then Voice & video calls.
  • Click Mobile calling.
  • Now find Contacts Uploading option and press the Turn On
  • Now a pop up will appear to ask for permission for Google, Just tap OK. 

Adding or Hiding Your Number 

The first time when you call someone through Google Home App, it will not show your number or name instead they will see only a private number. So if you add your number it will display yours. Besides, if you don’t take any steps, your number shall be private to others. To add your number:

  • Start the Google Home App.
  • Proceed to Settings.
  • Tap on More settings > Services.
  • Tap Voice & Video calls > Mobile calling.
  • Here, you can see the value is Private as default. Just set your number and verify it with SMS confirmation and you are done. 

Make Phone Calls With Google Home Hub 

Now we are getting into the action part.

If you want to call any of your contacts you have two options. Commanding with their name or number.

Just say “hey Google/ok Google!” then “call [your contact’s name]”


“ok Google!” then “call [contact’s number]”.

Moreover, If you want to call a  local business, then just say “hey Google/ok Google!” then “call [local business name]”.

You can ask Google to find the nearest [business] and to call them.

Hopefully Google will find the number and call it for you as Google contains some million numbers of services from maps or ads.You can also redial the number but just commanding, hey Google! redial the last number. 

Terminating a Call 

If you want to disconnect a call, just comment like “hey Google/ok google! disconnect/hang up/stop/end/cut the call”

Additionally, you can use the Google hub’s smart screen to disconnect a call. There are options on the screen which will let you answer/hang up/decline a call. It’s pretty easy to follow. 

Applying Voice Match Feature for Google Home Call 

Google has a nifty voice match feature which will allow it to identify and separate between multiple users.all of the members of a house can access to their own personal info through different Google accounts.

However, to use this feature, every user needs to install the Google Home app on their individual phones and then set up the Google assistant to recognise their unique voices. Then use the above steps to sync personal contacts.That’s all, you do not need to worry about anything else. Any visitors or unlinked family members will not be able to call anyone’s contact.

Can Google Home Hub Make Video Calls Emergency 

Due to Google Home Hub not having any camera, it cannot make any video calls. So emergency video calls are not possible with this. You might need to consider using Google Nest Hub Max.

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