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How Does A Smartwatch Work

How Does A Smartwatch Work

As the world is advancing, demand for mini gadgets are rising high. Smartwatches are one of the new trends that have grown craze in the market. Just like a smartphone, a smartwatch is a mini sized device that can perform various tasks to make your life easy and comfy. It is a recent invention (or I should say modification) to suit your professional or business purpose. And if you are more concerned about your health than anything else, it can be an enormous help for you. From multiple features, you can choose according to your necessity. Before rushing towards the features let’s know briefly about its origin.

What’s a smartwatch? What is it all about? People who come to know about the concept of smartwatch for the first time, often ask these sorts of questions. So for them here’s a simple answer. A smartwatch is a smart device that can work as a mini smartphone. And the most convenient part of this gadget is that you can wear it on your wrist. While you are carrying it with, you don’t carry extra burdens.

Many people dislike holding their phones in hand all the time. And keeping the phone inside the pocket and pulling it out off and on seem exasperating to some. So a smartwatch gives you such an opportunity where you can pick up phone calls, reply to text messages, and do a lot more things just by wearing it. Let’s now discuss in detail, how a smartwatch works.

How does a smartwatch work

A smartwatch works similarly as a smartphone does. It uses operating systems like Android, IOS, Fitbit OS and many more. As your smartphone has a touchscreen, it also has a mini version of it. By touching the surface you can control the movement of this device. It has a strong battery capacity  despite its miniature size. A smartwatch connects itself with a smart device of the same operating system.

Suppose you have an Iphone. Now you have bought an Apple watch. You can connect both devices via bluetooth or wireless network. After connecting, you can control most of the functions of your smartphone just by touching your watch. However, many modern watches don’t even need to depend on the phones or tabs. This sort of watch has its own sim card, memory, applications, and a bulk of other useful features. So it’s an independent smartphone in guise of a smartwatch.

You need to wear this gadget on any of your hands. When you get any sort of notification in your phone inside your pocket, you can get it immediately on the watch screen. Once the connection between the devices is violated, lost or cut, you won’t get the notification. You can do innumerable small necessary tasks through this smartwatch. Let’s have a look at the empowerment it gives you.

Facilities of a smartwatch:

  1. Checking Notification : It’s a great help to check notifications easily without pulling your smartphone out of your pocket. You can get messages and emails through this little gadget. You can even reply to them. There’s a voice message option which doesn’t need your arduous job of typing on such a tiny screen. You can pick up phone calls or call others using few finger movement. A busy professional person can have a pleasant experience of using it because it frees them from the troubles of holding the phone frequently.
  2. Security Issue : Interestingly, Apple launched a watch that is especially designed for your fitness check up. If you are a regular runner or a fitness freak, this device adds extra security for you. If you fall down somewhere while you are jogging or if you fall inside a ravine while driving a car, it can save you at these critical moments. This sort of watch has a fall sensor that notices your movement. If your movement is suddenly stopped and you are not responding for a few minutes, it will send a direct security alert to a nearby rescue team so that they can save you.

Moreover, you are familiar with detective movies perhaps, aren’t you? In such movies you perhaps have noticed how a small gadget discovers a greater secret without being detected. This gadget can serve you by giving the same kind of secrecy and advantage. You can be a 21st century Sherlock Holmes with it.

  1. Keeping Fit: You may be surprised to read this. But to be honest with you, it is true. A smartwatch keeps updating you your heart rate, how many steps you have taken while running or walking, and even the oxygen rate in your blood. Though the later service is available only in a few devices, the previous two are common in every smartwatch. And while you are walking a designated distance, it can notify you when you have covered it up. Companies like Garmin and Fitbit have introduced special smartwatches for athletes, sportsmen, and for fitness conscious people. So, watches can watch over your health nowadays!
  2. Providing Guide : Since smart watches are the mini version of smartphones, it can perform the act of guiding you in your journey. It offers a compass so that you can head toward the necessary direction. Moreover, it gives GPS and Google Map features so that you do not miss the direction. Navigation and tracking is easy and comfortable and you don’t have to face much difficulty. Galaxy and Track Route watches are best for this sort of service.
  3. Managing Media : While running or walking, you may like to listen to your favourite music. You can easily do this using a smartwatch. This device can manage files, images, music, and even videos on this tiny screen. You can increase or decrease the volume by pressing the side buttons to fit your necessity. Isn’t it amazing?
  4. Battery Consistency: Many often think, how can such a mini gadget survive for a long time. So they conjecture that it may shut down at any crucial moment. But the truth is somewhat different. A smartwatch gives you a pretty durable and long lasting battery. Apple watch offers 18 hours of service while other brands like Garmin or Samsung offer 2 days of battery backup. It has almost the same capacity of an Android or IOS. And its charging process is pretty easy.
  5. Others: Yeah, it’s not done yet. There are numerous other features and facilities you can get via this advanced gadget. It offers you to manage your social media activities. You can get weather updates, get recent news, install applications, update operating systems and do a lot many things. Most importantly this gadget is user friendly with minimum trouble.

So all these are excellent features that can make your life more comfortable. But before you rush to buy a smartwatch instantaneously, you should know that there are few varieties of smartwatch from which you can choose. And your choice should depend on your preference and necessity.

Types of Smartwatch :

Based on the operating system there are mainly two types of smartwatch available : Android OS (also known as Wear OS) and Apple’s OS. Both have their respective qualities and advantages. However, a few years back, Google offered its own smartwatch based on their own system. Same has been done by Samsung as they built smartwatches using Tizen OS. Many companies have built so far specialized versions of smartwatches for specific customers. Here we shall discuss a few of them.

Hiking Watch: If you love to hike in a remote area out of civilization, you perhaps know it is risky to sojourn in wild areas. You may lose track or misguided by wrong direction. A hiking smartwatch gives you the solution to this problem. Through this watch you can use GPS to know your location, Google Map to know your destination, and compass to know your direction. This is water proofs ; so it won’t be damaged in rain.

Diving Watch: Are you a scuba diver? Or a surfer of the sea? Then this can be a captivating gadget for you. This watch is water resistant and can work under water. While diving you can control it by the side buttons since the touch won’t work here. This device can show your heart rate, underwater pressure, time of your diving and many more. The best example of such a smartwatch is Suunto DX and believe me, it’s amazing.

Hybrid Smartwatch : Hybrid means cross connection between two different objects. Here a hybrid watch has the old classic look but with new smart technology. For professional businessmen or busy men, this watch can be both helpful and necessary.

Athlete Watch : For athletes like runners, jumpers, and players, Garmin and Fitbit (Apple also began making such watches) have made special smartwatches to keep sportsmen fit. This watch keeps updating health issues like BP, calorie level etc. Thus it helps to guide them toward sound health. And the stopwatch feature can easily keep the records for you. And there are many more types of smartwatch available in the market.

Should you buy a smartwatch?

When Pebble released its first smartwatch in 2013, the company sold more than a million copies. Statistics show that the demand for smartwatches increases every year. That means people are loving it more and more for the conveniences it gives to them.

So if you want to make yourself a bit more stylish, updated and comfortable you should buy a smartwatch. Which type you will choose depends on your own choice and utility. If you are a sportsman or a fitness freak, you should buy an Athletic smartwatch. If you love hiking you need hiking watches. Whatever you buy, it would be easy to carry in your wrist without much trouble. And I ensure – you’ll love it without an iota of doubt!

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