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How Does Google Home Mini Works

How Does Google Home Mini Works

Simply ask! When you desire to know something. And be assured that Google will deliver you the answer immediately. The search giant has almost everything you need to know. The search index system of Google covers no less than hundreds of billions of web pages and guess the size, it’s 200 Terabytes. And it’s increasing every second.

If you are looking for a digital assistant then the home mini is one of the best cost friendly solutions. It converts your house into Google smart home ecosystem. It provides the best hello for your money but if you want a premium sound quality then you need to integrate it with a standalone speaker.

Here in this guide I am providing you everything you need to get started with Google home mini and how to get most out of it. Without the proper understanding of how google works, you will fail to utilize hundreds of opportunities. 

What Is It and What It Does

The Google Home Mini is a voice controlled speaker developed by search engine giant Google to give direct response to another enormous smart device called Amazon echo. It can help you to manage smart home gadgets, play music, respond to trivia questions, include and exclude items to your shopping list, make calendar appointments, use Chromecast enabled screen to play videos. In the latest assistance version Google added the feature to make or receive phone calls from the home mini and to help you find your phone in case you have lost it somewhere in your house. Before asking Google don’t forget to check the couch, believe me you won’t need Google for this.

Actually it just works like a driver for the Google assistant. Google assistant is a voice enabled virtual helper linked with Google via the internet. It is the same as you connect with assistance with your Android for iPhone.

The Google Home Mini e is always active and listening to its surroundings. But don’t worry, it will not spy you all the time. Firstly you need to say the pre-set wake up words like “Hey! Google” or “OK! Google” to activate it. Then you can proceed to ask and/or command anything you want from Google. 

How Does Google Home Mini Works 

Home Automation Hub Aka Smart Home Hub

Google home mini can be used as a haunted room for your whole smart home. You can do all the basic things with it like managing to do lists or shopping lists,  setting timers or alarms. It will also help you to interrogate with your smart home system and as Google is a giant network, it supports all the popular network systems. You just need to install the Google home app and by following some easy steps you can manage all the things quickly.

Upon completing the setup process successfully of your Google home device and all of your smart devices within your home, Google will allow you to control, manage and monitor all of them. This shall apply to approximately all the compatible smart home devices including smart lights, plugs, switches or other Google products.

The controlling feature is not only included in your home but also beyond it. For instance, You can order lunch or book a seat on Uber etc. But keep in mind that you need to set up all the things properly. The beauty part is that you can do all the mentioned things with just the pitch of your voice.

Audio and Video Playback

Google home mini is Wi-Fi speaker so that it can stream music straight from the music service provider’s just giving your voice command you can instantly access podcasts, playlists, songs, albums, artists from all of the popular music services.Moreover, you can use Google cast feature to play music from your iOS or Android device to home mini.

Apart from this, you can use Google home mini to control and monitor other speakers in your home which are connected with it. You can also use multi Google home mini devices with multi speakers to make a tune explosion across your house.

There are many services that can be done by Google Cast including but not limited to cloud streaming or control speakers. You can also manage your video files using Google cast. Suppose you want to watch the latest series of Bear Grylls on Discovery app or even a podcast on YouTube, you just command to Google home mini device and you shall see it appear on your TV. Though, it can be done only if you have connected your TV with the Google home app.

Ask Anything to Google

Now I am presenting you a solely Google feature which you must have experienced with your online life everyday. Yes I am talking about searching on Google. The Google home mini allows you to inquire about anything at Google. Likewise you try googling in your phone, you just need to ask those. Google assistant is backuped by Google’s years of experience in indexing information. You can express particula questions like “what is the population of America?” or “journals of quarantine days” or anything you can also talk with Google assistant and Google assistant is capable of taking and throwing follow up questions. You need not to echo “Hy Google” or “OK Google” every time to wake up Google for the follow up questions session.

Google is very much intelligent and so you can ask complex questions too. For example “Hey Google! What was the name of America before British colonization?” Do not doubt, just ask.

Which Services Does Google Home Mini Support?

Google home mini what’s with all the popular music services including Deezer, Spotify, Google Play Music, YouTube Music, Pandora,TuneIn etc. This is also compatible with numerous news outlets. For instance, The Guardian, Telegraph, BBC, The Wall Street Journal etc. All the lists are considerably growing day by day.

However, you need to connect your accounts of this service with your Google home mini through the Google home application. You will be promoted to perform this action at the home app setup time. For better experience you need to connect accounts as many as possible.

We will get various services and features you can see ke ask “Hey Google! play the latest speech of Trump from YouTube”. Google will figure it out and play it for you. Home mini has also excellent machine learning capabilities which will help it know about you and your preferences eventually.

Google home mini is connected to a large number of smartphone companies including IFTTT, Philips Hue, SmartThings, Ikea, TP-Link and Hive etc. Additionally it acts like a Chromecast audio receiver.

How Does Google Home Mini Work With Netflix

Google home mini allows you to stream your favourite movies, shows or documentaries on Netflix by just giving a simple command.

Just like any other services on Google home mini, you will need to connect your Netflix account with Google home app in order to inquire for movies or shows near a chromecast device.Just follow the below mentioned steps and you will be fine with Netflix.

  • Locate the Google home app on your iOS or Android device
  • Tap the top right corner of the app or the three line ‘hamburger’ button on the top left and then select Devices option from the left menu.
  • Hit the action overflow button to open up Google home setting menu option and then select Settings.
  • Select More and scroll down to find Videos and photos and tap on it.
  • Under the Netflix text click on Link and then select Link Account.
  • Provide your Netflix email and password to login and tap on Sign in and Link.

In any case your login fails, just check your account details and try again.

Now your account should be successfully linked with your Google home.however if you want to remove the account or add another account just follow up the same process and just select Unlink button under Netflix section.

Voice-Activated Commands for Netflix

Requesting for streaming Netflix programs using the Home mini is very much similar to launching music from Deezer or YouTube to your TV.

How Does Google Home Mini Work With iPhone

Ahead of using your Google Home mini, you will require to setup it and connect it with your iPhone. For this case, your iPhone & Home mini needs to connect with the same WIFI network.

  • Firstly you need to go to your Apple app store to find the Google Home app and then download and uninstall it. Make sure that you have plugged in and turned on your Google Home mini.
  • After installing the app, sign into your Google account.
  • Immediately after login, the Google Home app will look for Google Home mini across any network connection or Bluetooth.
  • It will make a sound to confirm that the connection has been made. Next you need to select the location and a name for the Google Home mini.
  • Here you can locate your Wi-Fi network and connect it with by entering the password. Additionally you can set up other Google assistant features for your better experience in Google Home mini. By the way, Apple limits some information to access Google Assistant like the iPhone’s email or calendar system. However, It is for your better security provided by Apple.
  • Another awesome feature of Google assistant is that it has the ability to identify commands from several people through a voice matching algorithm. Even you can select a female or male voice for the Google Assistant’s voice.And so many are somethings, you can reveal it by just scrolling all the options.

Final Thoughts

The Google Home mini is most suitable for those netizens who deeply stay in the Google environment system. Voice controlling system is easy and quick to manage Google play music, videos and to gain vast knowledge available throughout the world on the internet. However Google is upgrading its ecosystem by adding different features to fill the gap. And they are consideringly improving it day by day.

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