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How To Clean A Laptop Manually

How to Clean a Laptop Manually

You have a laptop but you haven’t cleaned it for months, have you? I am not talking about running virtual cleaning programmes on your PC to clean the cache its memory has got. I am talking about cleaning it physically. Firstly, you should learn that a laptop is a perfect place for dirt and dust to gather. And if you are concerned with your laptop’s life and performance you should physically clean it at a regular interval. It may seem to you as a nuisance. But in reality it’s a necessity. Now, you may be concerned whether it would need expertise or specialised accessories to do so, but that’s not the case. Cleaning a laptop can be done manually and it is an easy breezy task. You can do it alone – all by yourself. So how do you clean your laptop without taking help from others? Here’s an effective guideline on how to clean a laptop manually.

A laptop has different parts that need different processes to clean. Keyboard, screen, touchpad, vents, and even the laptop case need to be polished separately. We shall discuss the cleaning process of every part in detail. We shall begin with the screen.  So let’s explore the procedure.  But before you start cleaning, wash your hands properly and wear disposable gloves and a surgical mask if possible to protect yourself from dust and germs.

How to Clean a Laptop Screen

Step : 1

Before cleaning any sort of electronic devices make sure you’ve unplugged it and turned it off so that any accident may not happen. Also remove the battery if it is removable. Then take a microfiber cloth. If you are using glasses or if you have a camera, then you are surely accustomed to using this small piece of cloth. If you are not, then you can get them from any glass, camera, phone or laptop shop nearby. Never think of using tissue or rag. They will leave their marks and streaks on devices.

After taking the cloth, fold it and put it on the tip of your finger. Rub it on the screen softly. First rub the screen vertically and then horizontally. You can also polish it in a circular pattern. In both cases, try to rub with a soft hand. If the cloth becomes dirty, use the other end of it. Or take another fresh one. Use your other hand to grab the laptop, but don’t give much pressure. Because the screen is the most vulnerable part of your device. Enough pressure may damage it. In this way, wiping the dust will make the screen brighter.

You can also use a duster for wiping dust. Don’t use those feather-styled one. Rub the screen with a petal-soft duster that leaves no trace of it. Move it back and forth till the screen becomes shiny. And if you notice some dirt or grime still there on your screen you need to follow the next step.

Step : 2

First take some distilled or purified water. Then bring a fresh, new sponge. Soak the sponge in the water properly. Squeeze it until it becomes damp. Then wipe the screen from top to bottom gently. Watch out any drips. They can fall into your keyboard and damage it. You can put a cloth or paper on the keyboard to protect it from drips. After you have wiped the display, let it dry for a few minutes. However, if there are still sticky and stubborn marks on the display you should proceed to the next step.

Step : 3

Even after sponge therapy, there can be stubborn spots and grime on the screen. In this case you need to change tactics. Manage some white vinegar and make a potion out of purified distilled water and vinegar. Take 50% each of them. Then spray the potion into a clean microfiber cloth. Don’t soak the piece of cloth, rather make it damp only. Then rub the dampen cloth around the spots and marks of the display. Don’t give too much pressure while rubbing, otherwise scratches will be created. Following these steps and hopefully all bacteria, germs and spots will be cleared off.

Instead of vinegar you can use a single drop of dish detergent in purified water. It can serve the same purpose. You can repeat this process if you feel it necessary. But don’t use chemicals like ammonia, bleach or any sort of acid. They can damage your display at a great extent.

What Things to Avoid?

*Avoid using tissue for dust cleaning. They are suitable for your nose, not for your laptop

*Avoid using tap water since it contains minerals. It can leave scratch on the display.

*Avoid using too much vinegar or detergent. They are harmful for the screen.

* Avoid spraying directly into the screen. It’s downright dangerous.

*Avoid touching your face while the cleaning process is going on.

How to Clean Laptop Touch Screen

The 21st century is the era of super fast technology. Now we have a touch screen laptop. It gives both the feeling of a smartphone and a laptop. And necessarily it gets dirtier than common LCD screens. As this touch screen is over sensitive, you need to be more cautious while cleaning it. Much of the process however is not different from the normal display wiping.

First of all, wipe the dust away by using microfiber cloth. It shall remove most of the tiniest visible dust. Then clean all the dirt with a dampen cloth. Polish the screen gently and softly as we have said before. If you still feel any taint of grime then turn on the laptop. Make your display whiter and brighter preferably by opening Microsoft office word. The white background can help you to trace the spots easily. After finding the marks, rub the dampen lint-free cloth on the spots and remove them.

If there are still any sticky spots left then you should check the manufacturer’s manual. If it permits using isopropyl alcohol (it evaporates easily) or vinegar, then you can use them in a less proportion. If not, it is better to avoid them. Don’t use any chemical to make the display shiny. Never try window cleaner here. Everything will be messy otherwise.

Now as you have got a clean, super clean and shiny screen, you should clean the laptop keyboard. It’s both a haven and a heaven for filths.

How to Clean a Laptop Keyboard

A laptop or computer keyboard is the most suitable place for germs to grow. And if you have the habit of eating and drinking while working (as most of us have), then your laptop keyboard is dirty beyond imagination. While screens need semi-regular cleaning, keyboards need regular cleaning.

As we mentioned before, unplug and turn the laptop off before any cleaning process. Gone are the days of removable batteries. But if you are using an older version, it is probably removable. After doing this let’s do some real work now. Here are some step by step directions you should follow :

Step : 1

Get a tight grip over your laptop’s keyboard. Then hold it upside down. Shake it gently. Gravity will do its task. The larger particles and crumbs will fall down. Increase the shaking gradually. But don’t give much pressure to the breaking point. Let not your laptop slip from your hand even. Remember to shake it over a trash box. Otherwise your desk will be dusty.

Step : 2

After that shaking, put your laptop on the desk. Clean the visible crumbs larger particles with microfiber cloths. Now you need to clean the crevices of each key. As the crevices are near impossible to reach easily, you need any two of these: Handheld vacuum cleaner (small size)or Canned compressed air. You may find them in a nearby shop.

Once you get hold of a vacuum cleaner, put the cleaner over each key crevice. Make sure the cleaner reaches every nook of the keyboard. Then wipe away the dust with fresh cloth. While it is better to use a vacuum cleaner, you may not get it all the time. Then you have one more option to choose from.

A can of compressed air can blow off any dust and grime within a few seconds. But before you use it, make sure the air flow in it is not too much to withstand. Try it somewhere else to check. Then blow the air inside the keys with a 45 to 60 degree angle. Don’t push directly straight into the crevices. It can force the dust inside, thus making things worse. Beware of your eyes too. It is better to wear glasses while working to protect your sight. Let’s rush toward the next step.

Step : 3

Perhaps you are familiar with cotton swabs, aren’t you? These are also known as Q-tips to some people. Whatever you call it, bring or buy a few of them. These are excellent to use as absorbing pads. Take a swab and dampen it in distilled, deionized water. Don’t drench or wet it too much. You can squeeze out the liquid. Wipe every nook and corner of the keyboard. Rub the  surface of each key. Clear the key gaps in the same way. Then take a dry microfiber cloth to wipe the moistened places. Let it dry before you use it.

Warnings: Don’t remove the keys from the keyboard on your own. Even if you have prior experience it is often discouraged.  But if you are determined to remove the keys take a picture before doing so. So that you can put them in the right place after cleaning up. And never ever think of using a big vacuum cleaner. It shall damage the keyboard itself. Be careful about drips from the swab. Water may go inside unintentionally and weaken the device. Give some special rubbing on smudged places. But don’t go towards an excessive level.

So you have successfully cleared off “the unwanted guests” of your laptop keyboard. But there may be still microbes and germs lurking there. Here you need to disinfect the keyboard. So how to disinfect a laptop’s keyboard? Let’s find out.

How to Disinfect a Laptop Keyboard

Well, you perhaps don’t know, your keyboard can be a hub of microbes. They are invisible enemies therefore need cleaning too. First take some isopropyl alcohol and mix it with a similar amount of water (as we have done before). Dampen the cotton swab in this mixture and clean every key individually. Make sure that you squeeze out the potion from the swab. Any drop of alcohol inside a key can make it malfunctioning. If you aren’t reluctant to buy isopropyl, vinegar can do the same job. Find it in your kitchen.

After that let the laptop dry. Or simply take a microfiber cloth to wipe out the remnant moistures. Beware of using any acid on the keyboard. And now you have got a crystalline keyboard. So what’s next? Let’s clean the touchpad. It’s easier than the keyboard.

How to Clean a Laptop Touchpad

Touchpad is the pointing device of a laptop. It becomes dirtier by the passage of time as you touch it frequently. And perhaps you know, a dirty touchpad greatly hinders the motion of your work. So it needs a quick clean up.

As we have done before, we need to follow almost the same procedures here. Wipe the surface with microfiber cloth. Prepare a solution of isopropyl. You can also use a mild glass cleaning solution here. Don’t worry here, since no dust will go inside through it. Rub the pad with a dampen cloth. To be over sure that the potion won’t damage anything, rub it in any metals first. And then let it dry. It’s now absolutely prepared for your work.

While cleaning the exterior is easy, interior cleaning may not be just that. It needs a considerable amount of time and caution to clean. But if your laptop is getting hotter, then it’s necessary to clean the fan, heat sinks and vents inside. But how will you do that? We will discuss that now.

How to Clean Laptop Interior

Wait! Before you think of opening up the laptop, two points you should remember.

  1. Opening up a new laptop will invalidate the warranty.
  2. Without prior experience you may end up damaging its part.

Taking these two points into mind, you should proceed. First, remove the bottom panel. Different brands use different types of enclosure. But most of them use screws. So you need a screwdriver and tweezers if possible. Keep the screws in a cup or bowl. Don’t lose them or you have to regret. If the screws are of different size you can click some pics or take note of them. It will prevent you from messing up.

After that you can find the fan and vents inside. Rub the fan and heat sinks with dry cloth. Wipe out the clogged smudge and dust softly. Don’t use compressed air if the parts are not super dirty. Don’t push the dust inside. It invalidates the purpose of cleaning. After wiping the fan and heat sink properly, clean the vents as well. You may use compressed air here. But make sure that the air doesn’t blow the dust inner. Some people even blow air using their mouths. But their salivas also emit with air, making the interior humid. So avoid that.

Warnings: Your laptop is expensive, isn’t it? So don’t use alcohol, vinegar, any glass cleaner, let alone any acid to clean the inside parts. Especially don’t harm the mother board, the mother of all computers and laptops. Any chemical can render it useless or even blow it off. Moreover, don’t remove the fan while cleaning. You may end up damaging it totally. And don’t use any used cloth for cleaning. You can use the other chunk of it if some part of it gets dirty.

So while you clean, remember the warnings. And then close the bottom panel and tighten the screws properly. Hopefully, the interior parts of your laptop are sound now. But still you have small tasks to do. What’s that? Let’s find out.

How to Clean a Laptop Camera

Camera lenses often get blurred. It needs some special care and effort from you, as they are easily clogged with dust and spots. Cleaning it is not difficult however. You need to follow these simple steps:

Step : 1

First unfold your laptop. Find out the spots if there are any on the lens. Use a brush to remove the dust. Then hold the laptop in a way that dust may fall from it by the force of gravity. Let not the dust make stains on the keyboard in the process. Don’t use a rough and tough brush to clean. Make sure the bristles are soft and safe.

Step : 2

Some particles may happen to be as stubborn as ever. Then you should apply a bulb blower. It actually blows some puff of air and removes smudges in an effective manner. Blow the air on the dust-smeared spots. Then use a microfiber cloth to wipe the remnant dust.

Step : 3

Now you can use some lens cleaning fluid (if necessary). It’s easily available in every camera shop. It’s cheap as well. Take a cotton swab and make it damp by the fluid. Rub the lens as softly as possible. And wipe the remnant with a dry cloth. Let the lens dry completely before you start using a laptop webcam.

If you are bored rubbing this and wiping that, then wait for some final clean up. Let’s focus on cleaning the laptop case. It will increase your laptop’s beauty. You want your laptop to see shining bright, don’t you? It’s not that tough at all.

How to Clean a Laptop Case

So now you have cleaned every important part of your laptop. But if the laptop case is not a shining one, it will appear old and outdated. Who wants his laptop to appear outdated before a guest? None, I guess. So you must make it spotless. To do that, you need to apply sponge therapy.

Take a fresh, unused sponge. Soak it into the isopropyl alcohol solution. You can use one-fifth detergent and the rest water and make a solution out of it as well. Then wring out the liquid from the sponge. Wipe the case with moderate pressure. Watch out the drips. They should not fall inside your laptop. And don’t try to clean the ports and slots with this solution. It’s a must avoided task. It can moisten the ports and make them malfunction. Then use a lint-free cloth to wipe the case from top to bottom.

If there are still some stains left, you need to repeat the process once more. So clean until the case becomes pleasant to see and dust-free to touch. Now you have a crystal clear laptop. And it is in good health. However, some laptop owners complain over the nasty smell stemming from the device sometimes. So we shall discuss how to get rid of this bad smell.

How to De-stink a Laptop

It is not a common problem like screen scratches among the owners. But still some people face a repulsive smell from their laptop sometimes. Even after you have followed all the cleaning processes stated above, still odor can be smelt (the possibility is less though). So it should be resolved with possible haste.

To remove bad smell you can put your laptop in a freezer ziplock bag which is hermetically sealed. Keep some raw rice inside around the device. Keep it for a few days. Hopefully this will freshen the laptop. But if this doesn’t work as expected then follow the advice of The New York Times. As we all know charcoal to be the best available natural deodorizer, they tell us to take advantage of it. Probably you have a cat litter box, if you have a kitty. It uses an automated charcoal system to remove any bad smell. But if you don’t have that you can use a deodorizer used for diaper pail. These things are actually refined charcoal. Take some litter or diaper deodorizer and put them around your laptop inside a bag or box. Let it be there for 24 hours. There shall be no odor this time.

Last Words :

Finally you have a super clean laptop and you know how to clean a laptop manually with much ease. It may take a couple of hours of cleaning and sweating, but it’s worth spending time. It’s better if you do these tedious jobs in a holiday so that you don’t need to rush forth in the middle of your tidying process.

And then, comes the last piece of reminder we would like to give – If you have a habit of eating while working on your laptop, leave it. Otherwise, small particles of food will stick to the keyboard and touchpad. Therefore you have to clean the laptop more frequently than before. And while drinking (since neither of us are unwilling to leave our favourite coffee), be careful to avoid stains of drips. Let your device be clean and fresh. Let it live longer and keep yourself happy as well.

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