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How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Computer

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Computers: The Best Guide at Your Door!

There are many headphones in the market nowadays. But the wireless headphones are the most popular ones to people most lately. As wires are too messy, people select wireless headphones for their smart devices. These are often used to listen to music or for gaming.

Besides, these kinds of headphones come handy to control devices from a distance. We usually know how to connect devices like smartphones, tablets etc. through Bluetooth. There are some similar steps to connect wireless headphones to our PC or windows devices.

10 Simple Steps: How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Computers [Windows]

Step 1: Make sure your PC is compatible: 

First you must confirm whether your PC is compatible with the headphone or not. Many older models of desktop or laptop don’t have bluetooth compatibility. If  there are preinstalled bluetooth hardware then you can connect the headphones directly in the simple order.

If it does not come built-in, then you have to use a bluetooth USB dongle to connect the headphone with your desktop or laptop.

Step 2: Turn on the headphone: 

You have to make sure that your headphones are charged for the connection process. If they are, then you can go for the process. Press the power button of your headset to turn it on. 

Step 3: Pairing the headset with PC: 

Ensure that the headset is in bluetooth pairing mode. Usually you do this by pressing the power button for several seconds or until the status light starts blinking. Most pairing buttons have a bluetooth icon on it. Press it to pair. Turn off any bluetooth device that is pairing the headset.

If your headset doesn’t work this way then browse into the website to see the pairing system of your headset. 

Step 4: Starting process in Desktop or Laptop: 

After opening the PC click the Windows icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. The start bar will appear. Now click the settings icon in the lower left of the start window. The settings icon generally should look like a gear.

In the settings menu, you can see a monitor shaped icon in the middle of the page named Device. Click on that; then you can see in the upper left corner of the page that written Bluetooth & other devices. Click and enter that page. 

Step 5: Turn on and add device : 

After entering the page you have to click the bluetooth switch if it isn’t on. The switch is located below the Bluetooth heading near the top of the page. By doing so the bluetooth will be on.

  • If the switch colour is blue then you will know that the bluetooth is already on.

Now click on Add bluetooth or other device . It’s at the top of the page & there an icon looks like a plus sign. By clicking on it you will enter in the Bluetooth menu. 

Step 6: Selecting the paired headset : 

Now select the bluetooth option which will be shown at the top of the bluetooth menu.After that a page will come forward and the name of your pairing device should appear on that page. There will likely be a combination of manufacturer name or the headset’s model number.

  • If the headset doesn’t appear on the page of Bluetooth menu, turn the bluetooth button off, press the pairing button again on the headset and turn on the bluetooth of your windows device again to connect properly.

Step 7: Joining the connection with the headset: 

Now click the pair option. That is generally located at the right lower side of  the headset’s bluetooth name on the page. Usually, the manufacturer name or the headset model number appears as the default bluetooth name.

At this point, clicking this should prompt the headset to connect to your computer. After this your headset is ready to be set up with your Windows settings. 

Step 8: Checking the proper work of the device:

Lastly just make sure whether the headset works properly or not. Play some music or games to ensure the connectivity and enjoy doing so. Also you can test it by increasing or decreasing the volume of the PC which is located at the bottom right corner of the taskbar.

Verify that the headset is set as the default ‘audio and stereo output’ device, if not, you may have to find that menu in the search box or from the settings page and do so. This way, the sounds would be transmitted through the headphones instead of your computer speakers. Simple!

Step 9 and 10 would illustrate those works in detail. 

Step 9: Changing into sound output device: 

You can change the sound system from headphones to speaker without disconnecting the Bluetooth headphones. Just click the window logo on the bottom left corner of the screen and the Start menu will open.

Now type sound into the start bar for searching the Sound setting app of your computer. Then click on the speaker shaped icon at the top of the Start window.

Click your headset name that you will find in the next window. After that Set default option will be visible which is located at the lower-right side of the window. Click that option to set your headset to default sound output when it’s connected. 

Step 10: Changing into sound input device: 

After setting the headphones as the default output, click the Recording tab at the top middle of the Sound window. Click your headset name. By doing so, the Set default option will be visible on the lower-right corner of the window.

Then click the Set default option to set your headset as a default sound input item when it is connected to your PC. 

At last you click Apply and Ok to save the settings. Now you  start using the headset as an input and output device. 

You can go back and forth and switch between your computer speakers and headsets because from now on whenever you want. Your headset should reconnect automatically to your PC when you turn it on. 

6 Easy-to-Understand Procedures: How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones [MAC OS or Apple]

This process is similar and easy like the Windows devices but slightly different due to MAC os. The steps below will help you connect the headset properly. 

Step 1: Turning the headphones on: 

Turn on the headphones by pressing the power button on it. Turn off any bluetooth device that was previously paired with your bluetooth headphones. Then turn your headset into pairing mode. Press the Bluetooth icon of the headset to turn on the pairing mode. 

Step 2: Starting the process: 

Start your MACbook and Click on the Apple menu.  Then launch System preference. Then navigate to the bluetooth menu and turn the Bluetooth on. 

  • You can also do this easily by turning on Bluetooth from the status bar. In MAC os the status bar is located at the top instead of bottom unlike Windows systems
  • From there you can find Bluetooth, click it and turn on the bluetooth .

Step 3: The selection page: 

After turning on the Bluetooth select the open Bluetooth preference. The list of paired devices will come on the screen. 

Step 4: Pairing with the MAC 

If your headphones are in the pairing mode, you will find your headset model number or the combination of manufacturer name will pop up on the page. 

  • If the headset doesn’t appear on the page of Bluetooth menu, turn the bluetooth button off, press the pairing button again on the headset and turn on the bluetooth of your windows device again to connect properly.

There will also be some device name that has already been paired with your MAC. But you have to look for the sign of your headphones name or model number to connect your device properly. 

Step 5: Connecting the headset properly: 

Then you have to find your headset’s name and press the Connect on the page. This will make your headphones to pair with the MAC. Now it is connected wirelessly with MAC os. 

Step 6: Checking the proper work of the device: 

Lastly you have to check whether your device that is connected with the headset works properly or not. Like Windows, You can double check the headphones audio output by volume icon in the status bar that is located at the top corner near the Bluetooth icon.

This should show the output devices that are connected to the MAC. This is how you can verify your headset is connected or not. 

You can switch between the speakers and headphones automatically because from next, your headphones should reconnect with your MACBook.

If the headphones are not auto connected with your MAC then follow these steps again to connect your headsets properly. 

So, now you know the procedure of  connecting the Bluetooth wireless headphones with laptop, desktop or MAC devices. It’s pretty much simpler than it sounds, isn’t it? Just follow these steps above properly, then connecting the Bluetooth headset with any device will be easier than anything else.

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