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How To Connect Mini Led Projector To Iphone

How To Connect Mini LED Projector To IPhone

Whenever we think of a presentation we think of laptops, projectors, slides, Powerpoint and many more. Plus, it’s taken for granted that a PC, generally that means a laptop must be connected to the projector for presenting the desired file. But it is not necessarily true. Today we can easily give a presentation using IOS smart devices such as Iphone or Ipad. If your laptop is conked out somehow or isn’t working, you can use your Iphone instead to do the same job.

Today’s phones are considered as mini computers since they come with high RAM sizes and are capable of multitasking. An Apple phone can now operate TVs, LED screens, Projects and what not. And files can be projected using such devices. (Android operating systems can do the same)  Especially modern Iphones are full of excellent features. In this post we shall tell you in detail about the capability of your Iphone. After reading this guideline you will understand how to connect mini Led projector to Iphone.

How to connect an Iphone to a projector

You can connect any sort of projector, be it a mini or big, Led or LCD, following this manual. There are mainly two methods of connecting Iphones to a projector. One is by means of a cable and the other one is by wireless network. We shall discuss both of them separately here. Let us start with the manual process first.

How to connect an Iphone to a projector using cable

The most conventional way to connect with a projector is by using just a cable. But you cannot directly connect any cable to your phone. Laptops have video ports to connect with any sort of cable. But Iphones don’t have such features unfortunately. So here you need to buy an adapter. Adapters help you to get a standard video port like A/V, HDMI or VGA. There are mainly two adapters for Apple devices that you can use: Lightning to VGA and Lightning Digital AV. As VGA is widely used and most common, let’s know its setup first.

Lightning to VGA Adapter :

VGA means a video graphics array that displays texts, graphics, pictures or colours in standard resolution on the screen. You must buy a VGA to Lightning Adapters from a nearby Apple store. If you are lucky, you have already got one that came with your projector. Connect one end of the adapter to your phone’s charging port. And the other end must be connected to a VGA cable, cable that in turn connected with the mini led projector. Don’t be confused here. To put it simply for you, connect like this flowchart :  Iphone→Adapter→Projector

Digital Lightning AV Adapters:

However, not all projectors support VGA Adapters (though most of them do). In such cases you need a digital lightning AV adapter that can be connected via HDMI cable. HDMI cable usually connects television. If you are unsure about which cable and adapter would support the projector of your office or classroom, then it is advisable to take both of them with you.

After that connect the audio cables (if there’s any). Next power on your projector. If everything goes well, your Iphone screen will appear on the projector. From now on, whatever you touch on the phone’s screen, it would be on the mini projector. So open the slides, pictures or videos whatever you want to give your presentation.

How to connect Iphone to projector wirelessly

Now technology gives you more conveniences than ever. Today we rather consider cables as nuisance, don’t we? To get rid of this most modern devices offer you wireless connection with few clicks. Apple does the same. So technically you can connect your Iphone to any wireless enable projectors using Wifi network. Let us now find out three oft-cited methods :

You need to be sure here whether the intended projector supports wireless connection or not. Most newer projectors support ; but the older one doesn’t. You can check the user manual to confirm that. You may also find the process of connecting devices in that document. Same applies with IOS devices as in the manual the detailed connecting procedures are described with the tutorial.


Airplay is an excellent and perhaps unique Apple feature that allows you to stream your files like video, audio, photo, slides and many more through a mini Led Apple TV. It should be noted here that you can use the Apple TV itself as a projector. In fact many offices now use TV cum projector for the best possible utilization of their resources. So it can work both as a projector and TV simultaneously. Now let’s connect them.

  1. First connect both devices with the same wireless network.
  2. Then click on the control panel of your Iphone (or Ipad). You can get this panel by swiping up from the bottom. (Though only in Iphone 10, the control panel is on the top notch.)
  3. Find out the Airplay mirroring option. Then Tap it.
  4. You shall find a list of devices appearing before you. Find the projector Tv and tap on it.
  5. If you have done all these steps without any mistakes, then your phone screen will appear on the projector. Then you can select and open any file for your presentation.

However, this is not the only way to connect your Iphone to a projector through wireless means. There is always plan B for you if you just have the capacity to explore the scheme. What’s this plan B? Let’s find out together.

Wifi doc App:

Find this Wifi doc app in your phone. Most of the apple smartphones offer this application. It has wifi symbols on it and the logos of PDF reader, excel, office and many more. If you don’t find this application in your phone then go to Apple store and download it free of any cost. After installing the app tap it on. Then you shall find a scan option. Click on it and all the nearby available devices will be shown. Choose the desired projector’s name. Tap the connect button and give password if necessary.

After successful connection your phone display will show you an option of what sort of file you want for your presentation. Press the presentation file type option here and select your desired file. If you select a video the video will begin streaming on the projector screen. If you select a picture, it will be on the screen.  If you want to stop streaming, you just need to tap the back button and it will stop.

Allcast :

Another app often recommended by many is Allcast. The interesting thing about Allcast is that it not only works on Apple devices but also in Android operating systems. This app works similarly as Airplay does. So install it first and connect with the projector after you find it. Present your data as we have done with Airplay. To put it simply, both applications and there are other apps that function likewise.

Precautions :

  1. Turn on “Do not disturb” mood before you start projecting your file before guests. A disturbed phone call or an unwanted tab may embarrass you a lot.
  2. While connecting with wire, you can open the desired file or app and then connect after that. It will help you to avoid your personal info and apps to be seen by others.

Conclusion :

In this pandemic-stricken world, you need to be advanced in the technological field to face off overwhelming odds of competition. And the burden of your laptop may seem irritating for you to carry here and there for presentation. But Iphones (and even Android today) gives you much comfort. So you don’t need to worry over your work.

Now you know how to connect the Led mini projector to Iphone. Hopefully this guideline will help you with sufficient knowledge and techniques in your projects and presentation. But if you still feel worried or unclear at any point, feel free to ask in the comment box below. And please let us know  how effective this article is, to your implementation of the above process. Best wishes for your presentations !

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