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How To Connect Wireless Mouse On My Computer

How to connect wireless mouse on my computer

Many people consider cords as a mere nuisance these days. They prefer wireless technology that needs not unnecessary cords and wires. It gives real flexibility and controlling power over their computer. If you are one of those people who want to be free from the clutches of cords, this is the right place for you to learn. A wireless mouse helps you to work from some distance with ease. You can do your small tasks without sitting on the chair in front of your PC. You can browse Facebook or YouTube lying down on your bed. Isn’t that convenient? And you will get many more facilities like these just with a wireless mouse. Hope you already take interest in knowing how to connect wireless mouse on your computer. Though, you should know about it, even if you are not. This post is to provide you with a general guideline of the process.

How to Connect Wireless Mouse to Computer

Most computers mainly connect a wireless mouse by using the bluetooth feature. So your laptop or PC must be bluetooth supported to be connected. But what if you are using an old device that doesn’t have this feature? Don’t worry. We’ll find a solution for this at the later part of this article. Let’s assume you have a bluetooth in your device and a wireless mouse on your hand. Let’s know how to connect with a PC first.

How to connect wireless mouse to PC

First of all, you need to turn the mouse on. You may find this turn on/off button at the bottom part or back part of the mouse. This actually varies from mouse to mouse. If your mouse has a charging port, make it healthy by charging full. Many mice use batteries. These batteries are removable and easily chargeable. So charge them fully before starting work.

Then click on the menu bar of your computer. Find out the setting icon. After clicking on it you shall find several things appearing on screen. Click on the devices option. This button is used to connect any devices you want. Find the bluetooth and other devices option. Click on that if you’ve used bluetooth earlier then you already know how to pair with it.

However, you need to click on the bluetooth option now. Then tap on the connect other devices. Now you should know most mice usually have a pair button to connect with devices. It is advisable to look on the manufacturer manual to know the button’s position. After finding it, press it and hold it for a few seconds. If it works you should see some light stemming out of it. If it doesn’t, try once more.¬†

When you click on connect other devices option, your computer will search for nearby bluetooth devices. If you have successfully turned on your wireless mouse, then the mouse name will appear on the list. Tap on the mouse name. Then Click pair button. It may need (though not necessarily so) a password. Provide a simple one. Next time it will be connected automatically if the bluetooth is on.

While scanning for bluetooth devices, if you don’t find the mouse, then turn the mouse off and then on it again. You should also do the same with your computer’s bluetooth. After restarting bluetooth you need to scan for new devices again. To be optimistic, take that you have found your new mouse on the screen. After you have connected/ paired successfully, the cursor of the screen will move according to the movement of your mouse.

In this way you can connect your windows computer (mainly windows 10) to a wireless mouse. But what if you are a Mac user? You can also use Mac devices with wireless technology. Let’s see how.

How to connect wireless mouse to Mac

Mac devices are becoming popular as days are passing. It is also a wireless supportive device. You can connect your mouse either by using bluetooth (as we have described before) or by a USB dongle. We shall cover both procedures.

Using Bluetooth

First turn the mouse on by clicking the power button. Make sure your mouse is within 33 feet of your computer. Though today’s bluetooth covers a wide range, the signal weakens as the distance increases. Usually bluetooth cannot cover more than this 33 feet range. So keep it close. Ensure that it has also enough charge to proceed without interruption. Then hold the pair button for a few seconds. It will thus be ready to be paired with.

After that go to the top notch of the Mac screen and find the Apple menu. Then click on it. You shall find a system preference bar there. Click on it. Then find out the bluetooth option on the screen. If it is off, turn it on. Then proceed with scanning. Your device will search for the nearby bluetooth. If your mouse is on, its name shall appear on the screen. Then pair with it. If connected successfully, whenever you move your mouse, the pointing cursor will also move accordingly.

Using USB dongle

This process is a bit easier than the other one. Some mice come with a USB dongle. What you need to do is just plug in the USB in your Mac’s port. As radio works via frequency, this USB does the same. It emits radio frequency (RF) and finds out any mouse in the range. It doesn’t need even syncing or connecting. It automatically connects with the same frequency devices. In this way you can use wireless mouse in your Macbook.

However, many computers don’t support bluetooth. And most older generation computers, unlike modern day laptops, don’t have built-in bluetooth. So you need to install bluetooth in your device first. Or if it is already installed, you need to enable it.

How to install and enable Bluetooth

First of all, you need to know whether your computer supports bluetooth or not. To know this you have to tap on the device manager option. After tapping find out any Bluetooth adapter menu there on the list. If there’s no such thing, your device doesn’t have bluetooth capacity. And if there’s such a bar, you need to enable it.

Find the bluetooth entry. Tap it and find out the pop up bar. Slide the disable part and enable it with a click. Check whether other devices can scan your computer or not. By doing so you shall know whether it works or not.

But if this pre-install bluetooth is unavailable there you need to download it. Follow these steps

  1. Browse your computer brand’s website to know which bluetooth adapter it suits most. You can also check the manual for the users.
  2. Go to the webpage of the bluetooth adapter and download the latest software from there.
  3. Install this driver after that.
  4. Restart your computer after this.
  5. Go to the device manager menu. Hopefully the bluetooth option will be there.

It may happen that your built in bluetooth is not working or just incompatible with faster newer versions. So you need to uninstall this older version before installing the new one. After that enable the bluetooth/wireless adapter. Scan with a device to know it is working or not. Let’s know another interesting thing here.

How to connect mouse to a wireless receiver

It’s another good way to control your computer from a considerable distance by using a wireless receiver. Many computers, especially the older versions don’t support bluetooth facility. So this wireless receiver can be a great help for those unlucky computers. It works similar to that of bluetooth connection. You need to follow these simple steps to connect here:

First of all, you need to plug the wireless receiver (also known as mouse receiver, to some people) to one of your PC’s USB ports. Find a rectangular, middle sized port that can fit the receiver well. If you plug this in you can download any software (if necessary) for bluetooth connection.

Secondly, before turning your mouse on please check whether it has enough charges or not. Many mice use batteries, so you need to charge them. Batteries are usually placed at the bottom. By unveiling a thin plastic layer you can find it. If your mouse is comparatively new but you haven’t used it for months, then try to change it also. Unused products often tend to be defective.

Thirdly, turn the mouse on now. Mouse usually has an on/off button at the backside. It may vary according to devices and brands. You should consult the mouse’s user manual to know its actual location. Then try and find the connect button. In most devices, it is between the two respective clicking buttons or a bit behind them. It may vary as well.

The wireless receiver will try to connect with the mouse automatically. But if it is programmed to be connected manually, you need to install a bluetooth adapter on your device and search for a new one. If successfully done, the computer’s cursor will begin moving with the movement of the mouse. So in this way you can connect a wireless mouse to your Windows or Microsoft operated computer. Let’s discuss another operating system.

How to connect wireless mouse to Chromebook

We’ve already described two main operating systems that are usually used in laptops and computers. Let’s now focus on Google’s own operating system known as Chrome OS. It’s not much different from MAC OS or Windows, yet there are some distinctive qualities. However, let’s explore how to connect a wireless mouse to a Chromebook computer.

In a similar manner turn on the mouse by tapping the backside button. Now click the “time” option of your Chromebook. You can find it in the lower right notch. After that find out the bluetooth icon from the list. Enable bluetooth if it was disabled. Then turn on it and begin scanning for nearby devices. You need to press the pairing button of the mouse so that your computer can find it out.

If you pair successfully, rays of light will signal its effectiveness. If you fail, you should try the process once more, by restarting the devices. Once the connection is established you don’t need to do those nuisances again. Automatically they will connect if your bluetooth is open. Now it’s ready for your necessity.

Precautions :

  1. First and foremost, don’t enable the bluetooth when you’re not using it. Bluetooth is an easy function that can be controlled and misused easily. So it can threaten your security and safety.
  2. Don’t share files with the computer via bluetooth. We have discussed bluetooth for connecting the wireless mouse only, not to share files. Unauthorized file transfer can be downright dangerous for your operating system.
  3. Don’t put the mouse in a rough place. Use a mouse pad for optimum performance.
  4. Don’t keep your laptop or computer too far away while doing important tasks. Though it can cover more than 30 feet of area on all sides, its signal will begin to fade. Therefore it can lose the connection, thereby interrupting your work.
  5. Before purchasing a mouse, make sure it uses a rechargeable battery. A non-rechargeable battery means a chunk of unnecessary money to spend.
  6. Don’t buy any adapter before buying the wireless mouse. Many mice give you a free adapter for better connection.
  7. Few models come with a software disk or drivers to be installed. You need to install it first. But most computers have built-in software. So check before you rush towards the action.

Your Turn Now

Now we’ve covered almost everything about the connection process. You probably have understood how to connect wireless mouse to computer without facing much problem. It’s your turn now to implement the procedures we have described above.

However, in some cases, your earnest efforts may fail despite your desperate attempts. It may be because your computer contains some corrupt files. Corrupt files sometimes hinder the ability of bluetooth and other networks. So they just stuck without proceeding. In these cases, you simply need to scan the intruding bugs and viruses. Then you should exterminate them fully. However, even after all these efforts if the bluetooth remains dysfunctional, then you need to reinstall the operating system. It will make your device fresh without the unwanted nuisances.

Finally, you can set up your bluetooth or wireless mouse and enjoy unruffled freedom. We’re optimistic that this article has helped you enormously. Let us know if you have any query. Stay home and stay safe.


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