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How To Measure My Computer Screen Size

How To Measure My Computer Screen Size

Your computer screen shows your interaction with the computer – shows whatever instructions you are giving to your computer, and what the system tells you back. Many times you may be required to know the proper size of your computer display – it may be to install an eye-protector screen or to get the accurate assumptions of your photos and prints in real life. Now you are in the right place if you wonder in your mind – how to measure my computer screen size?

Firstly, you need to know that your computer monitor is measured in the same way that all smartphone screens, television screens, and tablet screens are measured. The ways to measure the size of your computer monitor differ depending on whether you want to know the image area, the aspect ratio of the display, or just the diagonal measurement of the screen. All of these are some easy calculations – you just have to do some simple math with the readings you get using a ruler or a measuring tape. Other than such manual mathematical processes there are online and offline softwares too.

It is important to note beforehand that whenever we say ‘computer screen’ or ‘laptop screen’, we refer to the area on which you get to see Full Screen windows. The rest (bezel) of your monitor or display around the screen-display must be excluded in this calculation. 

Measure Your Computer Screen Manually

Here some points noted orderly to help you measure your laptop screen:

  1. Measure your laptop screen height:

To get your laptop screen height into inches, at first take a ruler. Then put it on the image-screen border on the top. Draw the ruler’s other end to the bottom of the screen. Carefully note down the reading and remember to avoid parallaxes while taking the readings. This height measurement may also come handy when you need the diagonal distance to be measured. We can do it easily using Pythagoras’s theorem. It is always suggested to measure in inches, however, sometimes other units like centimeters can be used for better accuracy. But, iIf you measure in inches, you must be sure whether the factor for inches on your scale is 1:8 or 1:10. The later indicates 0.2 inches as its smallest unit, whereas the former holds it to be 0.25 inches.

  1. Measure your laptop screen width:

Measuring the width of your laptop screen is the same as height measuring. This time you have to lay your scale or ruler horizontally and take the reading. Remember to avoid parallaxes in this case too.

Suppose, your laptop height comes out to be 7.64 inches and the width 13.6 inches. So what is your laptop’s screen size then? Wait to know. We shall come to this just after we have a look at the desktop screen measuring procedures.

  1. Measure your desktop screen height:

There is simply no difference in measuring a laptop and a desktop’s screen. To find out the desktop screen height, you may take a ruler or a tape in the same way as you would for a laptop. Then, take the distance of the image screen from top to bottom and note it down.

  1. Measure your desktop screen width:

Measure the width of your desktop screen in the same way as you took the height. Just put your scale in proper horizontal position and take the reading.

Measure Your Computer Screen Diagonals :

It is not at all necessary to measure the diagonals of the screen to know its size. However, there might be necessities to know the measure for itself. For diagonal measurement of the screen you can measure your laptop directly by holding a ruler on one corner to another corner and taking the readings. You can also measure the diagonal corner distance by using height and width and put them into Pythagoras’s theorem. You may use it when your ruler isn’t that much long or accurate to do so.

Using the theorem, you can easily calculate the diagonal length of your computer screen, but it would require you utilizing the height and width measurements you took before.

According to the theorem,  +  


Suppose, your laptop height is 7.64 inches and its width 13.6 inches. Let us put this figures into the formula :

According to Pythagoras theorem,  +

So, diagonal length  = 15.6 inches

So your laptop screen’s diagonal length is  15.6 inches.

How to find your monitor size?

If you have a look at the market, all computer screens but for some come in rectangular shapes. Only a few shall we discover having square shapes. Still, it’s nothing to worry about. You must have known both the formulas to determine the area of a square and a rectangle are the same:    area = height × width

Now suppose, your laptop’s height is 7.64 inches and width is 13.6 inches. So what may be your laptop screen’s image area ?

We know that your laptop screen’s image AREA =                                                                           

                                                                           = 103.904 square inches 

How to know the screen size of a laptop without measuring tools?

You know (must) that your monitor must be previously measured. So you can see what your monitor size is by following some tricks. Such as you can find:

  1. Monitor company stickers or diagrams on your monitor .
  2. You can see the scratch writings on your monitor
  3. Laptop screen stickers or diagrams

   4.Laptop screen scratch writings

   5.Some times you can also find it if you open your monitor

   6.Laptop or monitor instruction note

   7.Also see the monitor model number such as “H243HX” here 24 is in inches which     indicates a monitor size.


How to know screen size online:

There are few websites which can automatically or manually measure your computer or laptop screen through the virtual web. Web databases or search engines will give you the screen resolution of your computer monitor or laptop. You can also know it from any technical blog.

On the other hand some websites will give you the main information of your computer screen.When you enter into this kind of website ,these would take your information from your computer or laptop.Here’s some websites these will give you the correct information of your laptop or computer monitor. 

Computer monitor measuring tools online :

When you desire to take some dimensional measurement of an object, you may not turn to measure it with whatever measuring method you get. Possibly you will search for online tools that can tell how many pixels the screen is from top to bottom. But detailed measurement is a tricky affair since cm and inches are difficult to measure and they can prove to be slippery. Whether you need to know the dimension, pixels, height, width or length, there are tools available that can make your measuring smooth and easy with great details. Here we got 3 spectacular tools for you that can be used to measure various sorts of objects both physically and virtually.

Important Note:

Before you jump toward using these rulers you need to calibrate them, so that they can show correct results without any fault. This process will differ greatly from device to device due to their respective difference in resolution and monitor. For utmost accurate results, you need to find out the resolution of the display (for example full HD 1920×1080) and the monitor’s diagonal size in inches. (22 inch for example). A slight miscalculation of half inch or even less than that may lead toward total wrong measurement of the entire screen. Once you have gathered these information, go to the pixel per inch calculation website and enter the horizontal and vertical screen dimension and the measured diagonal size. Then you shall get a PPI number through which you can measure the screen further. This number is necessary to provide ruler utility for accurate measure. However, these tools cannot guarantee 100% accurate results. But the result will be close to that number.

  1. JS Screen Ruler

JS screen ruler gives you the ability to measure pixels, inches, centimetres and few more options. You can lengthen the ruler by the slide. Here you shall find a right click menu to flip over the horizontal – vertical position, to identify the centre of the screen. You need to fit the ruler on the left edge of the screen and input the pixel per inch number. Then it shall show the exact measurement on the screen. However, there is a Pro version of this ruler that can be used for multiple purposes. You can get a 15 days free trial to check their service.

  1. is a simplified but awesome website with a dynamic ruler. You can use it quite easily. You can resize the ruler, drag it anywhere, fit to the screen and do a lot many things more. Again, to remind you, you need to be sure of your screen dimension to get an accurate result. After fitting the ruler to the screen, you need to submit aspect ratio and diagonal size to the site. If you don’t know the ratio, you can get it via dividing horizontal resolution by its own vertical resolution. (1080/720, for example). After the input you shall get the details measurement of your screen within seconds.

3.NRuler :

It’s another interesting application that can measure any sort of screen. It is a JAVA app, so you need to run it with a higher Java version. It has the ability to measure horizontal and vertical both dimension simultaneously and independently. While working you can hide the opposite measure as well. NRuler is rotable and moveable for static measurement. You can mark the centre of the screen or measure pixel by pixel without much difficulty. The ruler contains a powerful converter to convert anything from one format to another. Pica’s, inches, centimetres all can be measured with this. It can be used in Windows, Linux or MAC.

How to check laptop screen specs:

You must also know that you can find out your screen size and other detail specifications without doing any measurement or surfing the web. The information can be easily found pre-installed in your running laptop system. You may however search the website of your manufacturer with your model number and find the specifications in detail. If you can find out the specifications of your computer monitor it is pretty much easier to determine and execute the best resolution that you should use for your display. Specifications of the monitor may require refresh rate and the diverse resolution that can be used in the respective display. You can find the monitor specifications from the control panel icon on the monitor properties. However, you can use software to know information (For example SiSoftware Sandra). You need to follow these six simple steps.

Step 1: Click on the start button

Step 2: Tap twice on the display option

Step 3: Find the setting tab and click on it.

Step 4: Move the slider and search for the display resolution option. If everything goes well, you shall see every supported resolution on the screen.

Step 5: Now click the Advanced option and later click on the monitor.

Step 6: Find and click on the refresh rate of the screen bar, under the Monitor setting to know the various sort of refresh rates that are available.


So we have stated so far the most impressive techniques to measure your screen size in detail. If you follow these instructions you can determine the exact screen size of your computer and thereby determine which filter to build.

To conclude with a final piece of advice, we would like to warn you again about the crucial importance of correct measurement. If the measurement remains wrong, you shall get the wrong heading. Many people start measuring the frame or the case which is quite unexpected. It shall only lead to miscalculation. The diagonal measure should be taken from one corner to the other. So be careful about this.

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