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How To Rotate Computer Screen

How to Rotate Computer Screen

Nowadays computers play an inseparable role in our casual and work life. The major advantage of the computer system is that at a time, it can store innumerous amounts of information, making a man both productive and upgraded at the same time. So the undenying fact is that anyhow you should learn about computers, its functions and intricacies – the more you know, the more up-to-date you will be. For this, today we shall venture about how to rotate your computer screen.

What does Rotating Your Computer Screen Mean

To rotate your computer screen means that you allow your computer display to show everything on it as upside-down or side-by-side, without physically turning the heavy monitor or the laptop in that way. Sometimes you may have experienced it occur auto when you press the wrong key unconsciously or you are newly connected to an external monitor. Rotating the screen may be part of the many useful features you have on your PC, and it may prove helpful to a large population specially – from simple pdf readers in Portrait mode, to forensic analysts of photos and videos.

But the interesting part is that it may prove difficult for someone not knowing how to do so, whereas, other people may find multiple easy to do options for the task. The only difference is to know how it is done. The current post is here to serve the purpose of letting you know. Several methods have been described, which hopefully would work in all kinds of windows operating systems. If one is not working for you, don’t worry; Please try other tricks and surely it will work for you. So let’s start.

Rotate Your Screen on Windows 10 or 7

The Windows operating system generally makes the display rotatable without any extra software installed on your drive. If you have a desktop monitor that rotates physically, it will definitely be useful. Some monitors have keys on them, pressing which you can rotate them and control the function of the monitor independently from the PC’s OS control. Many PC’s have hotkeys that can rotate your screen too, and  these are easy to press accidentally. Now, let us learn how to rotate your screen on Windows computers as follows.

  1. From Windows Default Display Settings in the Control Panel

To rotate your screen on Windows 10 you have to turn on your screen first. Then write, click on your screen and select the “Display Settings” command. For Windows 7, right click and select “Screen Resolution” command instead. On Windows 10,you will be taken to the Settings>System>Display Windows 7, You will be in the at Control Panel>Appearance and Personalization>Display>Display Settings. Pin the orientation option under resolution, click the dropdown menu under it. Then choose your preferred screen orientation -Landscape,Portrait,Landscape (flipped), or Portrait (flipped).

This window looks different on windows 7 with the same orientation options.

If you don’t see a screen orientation option in the settings app on Windows 10 or the control panel on Windows 7. Try to update your computer’s drivers. This option can be missing if you have an issue of using generic video drivers that aren’t appropriate for your computer’s graphics hardware.

Remember to Update Your Graphics Drivers

A graphic driver is the software that allows the operating systems and programs to use your computer’s graphics hardware. So the management site of a graphics driver.

  • Generally don’t give speed improvements.
  • Often introduce new bugs.
  • Frequently release new graphics drivers that usually give major performance.
  • Improvement, particularly for new gamers.

So graphics driver update is applicable based on your Windows working quality. If all the terms given above are correctly applicable without any fall then use thet method. Or if it isn’t working properly then simply install and update your graphics driver to boost up your work experience.

  1. Using shortcut keyboard keys:

If you are an intel integrated graphics user, this shortcut trick should be the best option for you to rotate your computer screen in a giffy. But to keep in mind, this system does not generally work for all Windows operated PCs, like those which use NVIDIA or AMD cards.

Now :

  • If you wanna Flip the screen upside down mode at first you press Ctrl+alt+down arrow.
  • To Rotate the screen 90-degree on the right side then you press Ctrl+alt+right arrow
  • If you wish to Rotate the screen 90-degree on the left side then you press Ctrl+alt+left arrow
  • To return your computer standard landscape mode you Hit Ctrl+alt+up arrow
  1. First of all Right-click your desktop home screen and select the Display-setting menu:-

Perhaps, you will get the [display-setting] function through your windows version. But sorry to say that this function is not available to those who have been using windows XP.

Secondly, search the “orientation menu” 

You will see this option at the bottom of the display setting menu. Sometimes this function is called “landscape ”too. By using this menu, the graphics card will permit you to rotate your screen as you want. In like manner may your computer is not working because manufacturers perhaps disable this function.

Thirdly you select “orientation menu”

You will be shown 4 options into the orientation menu. And those are;

1)LANDSCAPE:- Basically landscape is a standard model. As usual what we see normally on every PC.

2)PORTRAIT:- Suppose you choose portrait mood which means you allow your screen to rotate 90 degrees to the right side. Now you will see that the right edge of the monitor is displayed at the bottom.

3)LANDSCAPE(Flipped):-This is a totally opposite mode of landscape mode. If you allow this you will see that your top aged is now the bottom aged. In short, you will see your screen in reverse.

4))PORTRAIT(Flipped):-This mode portrays your screen 90 degrees opposite that means the left edge of your monitor is displayed at the bottom.

  1. Through the Graphics Drive :

Maximum PCs have built-in windows rotating options. On the contrary, few have had not. But don’t worry rotating options are available in your NVIDIA, Intel, or AMD graphics drives. In this case, you have to know about your graphics hardware which you have. By using these graphics drives you can easily rotate your computer or laptop screen.

If you are an NVIDIA graphics drive user at first you need to press the right mouse key on your screen and select the “NVIDIA Control Panel” option. Secondly, you have to select the Rotate display. After choosing “Rotate-display” you will get your screen rotating option which you actually need. Now you may choose your screen orientation function as you like it.

AMD graphics drive users also Rotate his/her computer screen by using this drive. In most cases, this option is located below the “common Display Task”.

But must now have to change your screen rotation from the standard Windows Settings app or Control Panel instead. 

Now that you know how to do it, you can play with your screen to soothe your eyes with the most appropriate view you want. You have become a pro flipper of screens, haven’t you?

That’s all for this post. If you face further issues, let us know in the comment box below.

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